Tom Luke started drumming at the young age of 12.
His major influence is Phil Collins, of course he plays nothing like Phil, but does share the same hair style.
Being follicley challenged in the 80’s held Tom back from his dream of drumming in a “hair” band.
Instead Tom focused his efforts to be proficient in polka grooves, this kept him very busy gigging in oompah bands on the hectic Ukrainian wedding circuit.
But alas, this came to a tragic end when Tom’s doctor advised him that his days of wearing lederhosen would have to end before the chaffing takes his life.
Tom rebounded quickly when he discovered spandex and soon was back working in an English polka punk band called the “Punkabillies”. Tom yearned for some freedom of expression and made a major career move in 1987. He moved to Toronto Canada, lost weight, got a hair transplant (and a perm) and tried out for the independent recording band Freudian Slip that was fronted by David Liberty,
and as they say,,,  the rest is history.