Gary Boardman has been playing guitar for over 30 years.
Classically trained from a very young age, Gary was a child prodigy specializing in turning Sesame Street songs into grunge rock. Through the 80’s Gary spend most of his time playing in “Hair” band’s, which looking back today is kinda weird, Gary did not have long hair. Gary recently got the Hair Club For Men to remodel his lid in a flock of seagulls motif. (very cool indeed)
It should be mentioned that Gary does have an evil twin brother that plays keyboards. A recluse, and seldom seen in public Gary’s brother Barry Gordman played on the previous David Liberty Band album Object In Mirrors.
Being under 5 feet tall has not slowed down this guitar man, Gary recently wrote a guitar training manual for the hearing impaired called “What? What? Turn Up The Guitar?” as well as a guitar training manual for studio axeheads called “One More Track Please”