David Liberty was born the 5th of a brood 6 in a city back in the African styx. He was born a lion in the year of the tiger, which explains his relentless quest for love.
When asked recently about his youth, David had this quote,,, “I said stupid things, and I did stupid things, even slept with stupid things in my twenties”
David would like to be the life of the party, the one people point to and say “hey look who just came in”
Unfortunately he spends most of his time zoned out in neutral. David’s restless vision of the American dream see’s himself at the alter of stone in the church of the almighty dollar trying to justify the means.
Clumsy David has some dire predictions on what’s going on, and prefers to remain medicated and sedated.
You will most likely find David all alone walking down a beach in moonlight yelling at the world that misery loves company. He’s just funny that way, avoiding contact by solace in reading between the lines with his strange strange ways. One day he dreams of moving away with his mystic lady to a four story walkup that he can call home sweet home, smack right dab beside zenith house.
And the bottom line of this introspection is a mutual fear,  fear of rejection.